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About Us » Who We Are

Novarum offers a unique insider perspective from pioneers in the wireless and networking industry who have practical experience bringing wireless products to market.

Phil Belanger
Founder and Chief Marketing Officer

Phil has over 25 years of broad leadership in the technology, marketing and standards of data networks. Phil pioneered local area networking technology with Zilog and Corvus and extended that leadership by co-leading the multi-company technical and marketing efforts that produced the original IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN standard.

Phil defined the original market position of wireless LANs for mobile computing with Xircom. While at Aironet, he broadened the market for wireless LANs and laid the foundation for Wi-Fi's success with the acquisition of Aironet by Cisco. Phil was one of the founders of the the Wi-Fi Alliance and served as the group’s initial Chairman, creating the Wi-Fi brand and promoting Wi-Fi for the entire industry. He helped create the business model for Wi-Fi service providers with Wayport and expanded the market for Wi-Fi infrastructure with extended range technology of Vivato and municipal mesh networks at BelAir Networks.

Phil is well known as an entertaining and direct speaker and commentator on wireless technology, applications and markets.

Ken Biba
Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Ken has over 30 years experience in the network information systems industry bringing a unique background of general management with a strong product and marketing focus in network systems and information security. Ken was an early engineer of the Internet in 1975. He has co-founded and managed four notable networking companies-Sytek, which was focused on cable TV-based local and metropolitan data networks, Agilis which was focused on wireless handheld computers, Xircom, which developed local area network client products for mobile computing, and Vivato, which was focused on scaling Wi-Fi infrastructure to cover campuses and metropolitan areas.

Ken's perspective as CEO, board member of public and private companies, and as a technologist brings unique insight to the business, market and technology of bringing useful wireless solutions to users.

Ken has a Bachelor of Science in Physics (Magna Cum Laude, Tau Beta Pi) and a Master of Science in Computer Science from Case Western Reserve University.

Wayne Gartin
Chief Operating Officer

Wayne is a senior executive with world-wide experience at start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. He has built high level relationships and delivered business partnerships at all levels for companies in the communication, software, and semiconductor markets. Wayne has worked with industry leading suppliers in all aspects of network technology, including long haul transport, metropolitan networks, wired and wireless LANs. He has successfully run multi-million dollar sales teams for companies in the access (last mile) consumer oriented markets, Passive Optical Networks, VoIP, and IMS. Wayne has held executive and senior level positions at Centillium, Agility (now JDSU), Bandwidth 9 (now NeoPhotonics), Infineon, Lucent, Adaptec, and Intel. He is also the co-founder of a semi-conductor IP company.

Wayne’s experience with multiple channels and leading successful sales teams to multi-million dollar revenue levels brings a unique insight to the strategies necessary to successfully launch new products and technologies into the market. Wayne has a BS in Math and an MBA from the University of Utah. He has been a certified instructor for sales and marketing courses in strategic planning, negotiations, and sales management.