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Wireless Broadband Rankings

Novarum has been testing wireless broadband networks in North America for the Novarum Wireless Broadband Review since july 2006. These rankings are a subset of the results gathered from testing through June 2007. We test the performance and service availability of Metro Wi-Fi and cellular networks and create an overall rating that also includes ease of use and value of the service. The rankings on this page include both cellular data services and Metro Wi-Fi. For Metro Wi-Fi specific rankings <<click here>>.

Top Ten Wireless Broadband - Overall Rating

These rankings include results for the first full year of testing for the Novarum Wireless Broadband Review. For a service that was tested more than once, only the most recent results are included. In late 2006, we began testing Metro Wi-Fi networks with a high powered Wi-Fi client that is similar in capability to the clients used for public safety applications. In March of 2007 a draft 802.11n client was added to the test suite. The results are so different that the networks are reviewed as a separate services with the enhanced clients.

Wireless Broadband - Performance Rating

Metro Wi-Fi services have all of the top ten spots in the performance rankings. One Zone by Toronto Hydro Telecom is still the top performing wireless broadband network by a wide margin. The Speed metric is a weighted average of the download throughput and upload throughput of the network and gives an indication of the relative speed of the networks. Toronto Onezone averaged almost 3 megabits per second with a high power client. Eight of the top performers are Wi-Fi networks using enhanced clients - either high power or 802.11n. Verizon in Mountain View was a very good cellular service with a Speed rating higher than many Metro Wi-Fi networks.

Wireless Broadband - Service Availability

Fifteen cellular data services had 100% service availability. St. Cloud Cyberspot is still the only Metro Wi-Fi network to deliver 100% service availability in our testing.

The Novarum Wireless Broadband Review is an ongoing project. These rankings will change over time as we add new networks and retest networks already covered. How does your favorite network compare?

Contact us at info@novarum.com for a more detailed explanation of the rankings or to subscribe to the Novarum Wireless Broadband Review.